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Benefits of Hooping

Hooping has many benefits

With the likes of Catherine Zeta-Jones, Kelly Osbourne, Beyonce, Liv Tyler and Zooey Deschanel all Hooping to keep in shape, Hooping has become the new fitness craze on both sides of the Atlantic.

Hooping has ...

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Hoop Types

Whats the difference in hoops

Hoops are generally hand-made and can be made of polyethylene or polypropylene piping, wrapped in a variety of colourful tape or fabric, which is not only for decoration but for grip as well. Generally speaking the ...

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How to Hula Hoop

A Beginners Guide to Hula Hooping

So what is the big deal about Hula Hooping? Distant memories of spinning the circular piece of plastic around your waist as a child in the playground come to mind, however Hula Hooping is the ...

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